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保養條款/Warranty Regulations


  1. Glint閃悅聲波電動牙刷或Glint Miracle Repair 奇蹟修護閃悅系列聲波電動牙刷:自購買日起2年
  2. 便携式 USB 充電式水牙線機(綠色或粉紅色):自購買日起1年
  3. 光感白LED藍光美白牙齒套裝:自購買日起2年


Your warranty period varies according to the product(s) you have purchased, subjected to the purchase date on the receipt. Please keep the receipt for warranty.

  1. Glint Sonic Electric Toothbrush or Glint Miracle Sonic Electric Toothbrush: 2 years from purchase date
  2. Colgate Water Flosser (Green or Pink): 1 year from purchase date
  3. Optic White Pro LED Teeth Whitening Kit: 2 years from purchase date

If your product has quality problems during the warranty period, please contact customer service hotline. After the replacement, the warranty period is still calculated from the date of initial purchase. This warranty does not cover individual toothbrush heads, nozzles or whitening serum(consumables), or any damage caused by improper use (any use that does not comply with the instructions and warnings in the user manual) or wear caused by normal use. If you have any enquiries, Please contact the consumer hotline.

以下情況不予保養/The following circumstances are not covered by the warranty.


  1. 未經投權的維修、自行拆開、誤用、碰撞進液、改動;或不當使用所造成的商品質量問題,或撕毀、塗改 產品標貼、防偽標誌、機器序列號等。
  2. 未按產品使用說明書要求使用、維修保養而造成的損懷。
  3. 因人為原因導致產品及配件的損懷。
  4. 由於水災、火災、雷擊等意外造成的損震。
  5. 使用非高露潔配件,導致產品故障或事故。

The following circumstances (but not limited to the following circumstances) are not covered by the warranty:

  1. Unauthorized repairs, private disassembly, misuse, collisions, and changes: or product quality problems caused by improper use, or tear up or alternation of product labels, anti-counterfeiting marks, machine serial numbers, etc.
  2. Failure to use the product in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual, repair and maintenance caused damage.
  3. Damage due to man-made reasons.
  4. Damage caused by force majeure such as foods, fires, lightning strikes, etc,
  5. Product failure or accidents caused by the use of non-Colgate accessories.