Colgate® Duraphat® Varnish 50Mg/Ml Dental Suspension

5% (22,600ppm) Sodium Fluoride varnish

Colgate Duraphat varnish for professional application, is clinically proven for the prevention of caries.


  • Colgate Duraphat varnish is also clinically proven for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity
  • Clinically proven pain relief with just one application
  • Clinically proven efficacy against caries
  • Clinically proven efficacy against dentine hypersensitivity, for 30 days with just one application
  • Quick and easy application

Prevents caries. Contact with enamel results in the formation of calcium fluoride on the tooth surface, providing a fluoride reservoir for protection against cariogenic acid attack.

  • Characteristics

    • 22,600ppm F Sodium Fluoride varnish
    • Tinted for easy visualisation
  • References

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