• Conveniently available without a prescription at your pharmacy counter
  • Provides faster sensitivity relief than other over-the-counter products
  • ADA approved for sensitivity relief and cavity protection
Mint, Cinnamon, Fruit & Berry, or Bubblegum
  • Prescription-strength treatment
  • High concentration of stannous fluoride for maximum sensitivity relief
  • Shown to reduce existing plaque by up to 29%2
Mint or Cinnamon
Precautions: Do not use in children under age 12 unless recommended by a dentist or physician. Not for systemic treatment. This product may produce temporary surface staining of teeth. Like all prescription drugs, use Colgate Gel-Kam under the care and supervision of a dentist or physician. Pregnant women or nursing mothers should check with their dentist or physician before using this product.

More Product Information
1Blong, M.A. et al Dent Hyg. Nov. 1985
2Ciancio, S.G. et al J. of Clin. Prevent. Dent.,14, No. 5:27-30, 1992.
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